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Sample Recognition Program - Years of Service Awards

The best offerings of both print and web-based recognition solutions may be combined to create the most flexible and personalized recognition programs available. Utilizing a combination of print and web-based components will allow recipients the flexibility of deciding which gift selection method best suits their needs.

  • Select-A-Gift can design gift booklets suitable for personalized presentation at an award ceremony. Booklets may be customized with the company's logo and artwork and personalized with the recipient's name and years of service.
  • Each gift booklet will include a matching order form which gives the recipient the option of mailing in his or her gift selection or visiting the company's customized redemption website and logging in with a username and password to select the gift of his or her choice immediately.
  • Whether recipients decide to order their gift selections by filling out and mailing in the order form or visiting the redemption website and placing their orders online they will be able to view and select from only the gift category they have been awarded. 
  • If email addresses are made available, recipients who have neglected to select their gift by a certain date may be sent a customized reminder email to make sure they do not forget about their gift.
  • Program Administrators will have the luxury of accessing web-based reports detailing recipient account information and order details at any time, in the same manner as with an Online Gift Program.

Employee Recognition Program

Make sure your years of service program stands out from the rest. Next generation employees often look for more than service pins and/or logoed apparel and Select-A-Gift's variety of merchandise has something for everyone. Give employees the gift of choice!

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